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  • We are a top contender in the Field

    While FixerFIX generally only services local Tucson, that doesn't stop us from also being top contributors in the field. You're shop can only be as good as its knowledge support network, no one tech can know it all. Our technicians have contacts worldwide, rest assured, we are probably discussing the issues with some of the best think-tanks in the industry.

  • How it Works

    • Expect to leave your device for a minimum of 72 hours excluding weekends. This allows us the time we need to properly diagnose your issue, and put together a proper circuit repair solution. When it comes to board repair, we make sure we do our best to provide the best quality craftsmanship.

    • We will disassemble your device down to the bare board, and do a microscopic visual inspection of the components in the offending circuit.

     • If we do not find glaring visual damage, then we will pull out the devices schematics & component location board views and use our brains to analyze the circuit in more detail, to find a possible failure point to repair. Be it a bad resistor, short capacitor or even a failing IC chip.

    • Once the offending component/s have been located, they are removed and replaced with proper working, new good quality parts.

    • We test the device to confirm a solutions proper application, then reassemble your device for pickup.


  • No Backlight Solution

    Don't see anything on your screen, restart it via hard reset keys "power+home10sec" and hold a flashlight to the side of the screen. If you can see an image "apple" then your backlight has gone out! We can fix this!

  • No Image Solution

    Take a good look at the screen, along the edges, does it just "feel" like there is light, but no image? or maybe it can light up a table in a dark room but you cannot see an image? We can fix that!

  • No Charging Solution

    Is you're Micro Usb port all mangled up? Did a charging port replacement NOT solve your charging issues. Don’t worry! This is a board issue, we can fix this!

  • No Touch Solution

    So maybe your screen has been switched out at another shop but the touch never came back. Or maybe it just went out and your screen doesn’t have any physical damage. This is a board issue! We can fix this!

  • No Power Solution

    So maybe you have charged your device all night and this morning it won’t turn on again but there’s no physical damage to the charging port, let us check and see if power is correctly being distributed throughout the device.

  • Water Damage | Data Recovery

    Due to the nature of water damaged devices, there is no way to guarantee full restoration of a device in a manor we can warranty for a cost effective price to our clients, so we don’t, when it comes to water damage, its data recovery only. If you dropped your device in water, and you want your data back, bring it on by and we will do our absolute best to force just enough life back into your device that we can try to grab the important data.