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  • The Real Experts

    FixerFIX supports not only you're personal cellphone, but many other cellphone repair shops in town and across the nation. With advanced microsoldering abilities , and excellent board level diagnosis skills. The staff at FixerFIX knows more about the inside of the devices we work on than anyone in town. We really know our basic electronics, this is our passion.

    Quality screens, Competitive prices

    FixerFIX stands firm in its approach to sell quality products. With such a small shop, we are able to hone in on bad quality parts before they are a problem. If there is a problem. We just pull it off the shelf. We will never sell a customer anything but the best we can find.

    We strive to be better, everyday.

    Have comfort in knowing that at FixerFIX, we spend most of our free time pursuing the art of repair. So if you have ever wanted to know something about your phone, or maybe even wanted to cross check some other information. Feel free to stop by or call and ask. We are here because we love what we do and we want to share that passion.

    90% Locally Sourced Parts

    Buying local is always the best way to foster a better local economy. FixerFIX is committed to working with more local companies and distributors here in Tucson, to secure the parts we need, to fix your devices. Thanks to local Tucson refurbishing company renovocellularparts.com for the photo of their lab!

  • We are no stranger to the broken screen. Bring us your tired, worn and broken phone screen, so we can put new life in it!

  • If its time to hand it down, or you just plain like the phone you have, one of the best things you can do to make it feel new again, is do a battery swap!

  • One of the fastest components to fail on just about any device! We can fix this!

  • Remember that one time your headphone jack broke off inside the post, we do too. =)

  • While we wont promise your phones going to work forever, we will do our best to recovery your memories.

  • If you have ever been told that your phone "couldn't be fixed" because it was the "motherboard" or "logic board" bring it on by, we fix that too!

  • No Selfies?! No way! Let us install a new camera so you can keep creating content!

  • Ask about special custom frames for iPhones! Show off your unique style!

  • Gota trade in that galaxy but only the back is broken? psh, no problem.

  • I mean, who turns their phone off. Not us! But what happens when you need to turn it on, but can't! Let FixerFIX take a crack at it!